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Crisis…. averted

It has been an eventful day here at PracticeWEB towers!

5 ways to research your ideal clients using social prospecting

Want more business from a specific type of client, or are perhaps planning on branching into a new sector or service? You will want to know as much as you can about your target prospect so you can engage with them more effectively. Luckily there’s a huge amount of information publicly available.

Time for me to move on...a message from Richard Sergeant

It was always going to be a difficult one to write but it is that time!

In praise of the Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers and Directors in professional services are a special breed. I can’t stress my admiration for them enough.

Get Sociable and Improve Your SEO

There are many strings to the search marketing bow, but one that continues to grow and is often approached with caution is social media

Web content: How to get to the point

Readers want to find information quickly. This page helps you write web content that makes important information easy to find.

Back to Basics: Editing your website

Editing your content is probably one of the most important things you want to do with your website.

Six easy ways to get more conversions from your website

Demand generation specialist, Alex Tucker shares six tips that accountants and financial advisers can employ to increase conversions from their websites.

How much web traffic do you need to grow your business?

Have you ever wondered how many visitors you need to attract to your website in order to win a new client? Demand Generation Specialist, Alex Tucker shares the process he uses to calculate how much web traffic is needed to achieve sales targets.

Eight Social Media mistakes I’ve made that we can all learn from

PracticeWEB's Demand Generation Specialist shares his social media mistakes so you don't have to make them.

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