Mailshot - We've been making some changes!

Mailshot, for those of you who don't know, is the tool integrated within our content management system (Landscape) that enables you to send email newsletters out to your users directly from the website. It allows you to add your own bespoke content in, as well as giving you the ability to pull your content in from your website (such as recent news stories, blog post, or events you may be promoting).

At PracticeWEB, we're constantly looking at how we can make our products more enjoyable and easier to use. So we've taken our Mailshot tool and given it some minor, but great changes. 


Mailshot UI

The Mailshot UI

We've redesigned the interface for creating Mailshots in order to to make it a lot clearer, linear, and generally a little more intuitive.

  • Shows you only the fields you need
  • Lays out the workflow step by step
  • Ensures you don't miss anything out!
  • Looks and feels a lot nicer


 On the fly editing

Edit content gif

  • You can now chop and change your content at any point before your Mailshot has sent.
  • Swap content between featured content from your website, and custom content you've written
  • Add links to images you've added to your content


Brand new reporting statistics

This is probably the part we're most excited about. We've completely updated the way the reporting tool for your dispatched mailshots works.

  • Updates in real time
  • Displays unique clicks, opens, users and unsubscribes per mailshot
  • Additional information on failed delivery (inbox full etc..)
  • Fully dynamic SVG graph to drill down into your reporting and find out peak times for opens and clicks
  • Full activity feed, showing exactly which users opened your email, when they clicked the links, and exactly what they clicked on
  • Ability to export all this data as a CSV

We're really excited about these updates, and we'll be doing some more posts in detail as well as a Webinar going into detail about how you can use all of these tools, and how to best utilise them to market your business. Sign up to now to book your space.

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