Make sure your website & social media are working hand in hand

Many of our accountancy clients are recognising that social media plays an important role in their marketing strategy but to really maximise the benefits of promoting your online brand, it is important to ensure social media and your website work seamlessly together.  

If they aren’t, you could be missing out on interactions with your clients and prospects. Here are two things you should go and check on your website now.  

  • Follow links-  Let your website users know what social media channels you are using by including links in the header and footer of your website. Visitors can then connect/follow/like your page for an easier way to keep in contact with you. We have put ours in the footer of our website, so visitors can see them as the move from page to page. 

Here is an example of how one of our client's Bennett Brooks use follow links on their website. 

Follow links

  • Sharing is caring - encourage your visitors to share your content with their followers and friends by making it easy to tweet/share/like on their channels by embedding social sharing buttons on your blog pages. In fact you can find ours at the bottom of this blog, you know, if you feel like sharing it….. 

Here is an example of how Green and Peter have share buttons on their news item.

We use an Add this module to do both these things on our website. 

A couple of things to be aware of

Only put follow icons and links to channels you are active on - no one wants to visit a Twitter feed that hasn’t been updated since 2014 with a egg profile picture. 

Icons should be up to date - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN logos are constantly changing so make sure that the ones you are using are up to. This is another bonus of using AddThis - it automatically updates this for you. 

What next 

If you need any help updating your links or would like to add share buttons then get in touch with us and we can talk 

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