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Client service is just the ticket

benchmark stat imageSitting down to write this month's blog and on my desk is the final printer's proof of our 2013 Online Engagement Benchmarking Report (available to purchase now by the way).

As well as all the fantastic insights into what the profession is doing from a marketing and practice development perspective, there are also some great observations on how we’re using the digital space to serve and service clients.

So, in a nutshell, firms are using a multitude of digital channels - from video through to webinars, digital publications and email communications - to deliver standard pieces of advice. There is also an encouraging upward trend in attitudes to using online software as part of the approach to client service.

For me, one of the key elements to successful marketing is providing what I've long referred to as inordinate client service. When marketing and client service work in tandem, the latter can allow firms to reap massive rewards from their marketing activity.

So - deep breath - here's what we need to do:

  • Provide clients with more proactive and planned client contact, especially via the telephone and where possible face-to-face (I'm specifically talking about meetings)
  • Get more staff involved in the delivery of client meetings
  • Use standard agendas for every meeting so there is consistency in the client experience
  • One of these should be to test the two most important client service KPIs: (1) is the client happy? and (2) is the client happy to refer you?

Doing this is essential. It will allow you to serve your clients even better than you do currently, and seeing them more will increase your chances of retaining them for longer. Testing their happiness and subsequent referrals gives you not only live, vital management information but also more in-bound leads from happy clients than you've ever had before.

This will allow your marketing to take on a very specific focus around what I refer to as strategic marketing whereby you spend time, money and partner resource winning pre-identified clients or client types.

So, back to the real point of this blog. With all this client service in mind, PracticeWEB are also making some important changes to how we service you, our clients.

The client services team has introduced a ticketing system for your enquiries. You'll now know pretty much instantaneously that we have received your enquiry and when you phone us about a specific case we'll be able to find that enquiry even quicker than we do currently. We'll also have a much-improved ability to pass client cases between the team for resolution, instead of relying on a single point of contact for each and every query.

Now that's got to be just the ticket, hasn't it?

James Scanlan

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