Merging content from two sites



“Writing content for products and services covered by the FCA is challenging. Not only does the content have to be engaging and informative it also has to be compliant with FCA guidelines.”

Richard Keyes

1. The challenge

Taylorcocks wanted to move content about their financial services work from a small microsite over to their main corporate website. They asked for PracticeWEB's help to:

  • review the content for relevant keywords, plain English and descriptive accuracy
  • write new content for services that they offered but that hadn't previously been listed
  • ensure a smooth journey between new and existing content, in terms of tone and style.

Their financial services team offers 21 different services for businesses and private individuals. Our challenge was to write content that fitted within the existing corporate site, allowing logical movement between related pages and converted interest into enquiry.

2. The solution

Our editor worked directly with the financial services team at Taylorcocks to fully understand their day jobs. It was vital to know what the advisers did for their clients. If a business client paid for their services on key man assurance, what would the adviser actually do?

By understanding exactly how the advisers work, our editor was able to write content that is descriptive and gives an accurate idea of the Taylorcocks financial services experience. Providing this level of detail makes it more likely that an interested prospect will make an enquiry.

It also allowed our editor to create a structure for the pages, which gives them consistency and ensures that each page provides the information that prospective users of the service need to make a decision.

3. The result

It took less than six weeks to write, edit, approve, upload and publish 21 pages of financial services content to the Taylorcocks website. The content is written in plain English, is descriptive and encourages enquiries by offering clear and obvious calls to action. Sensibly-placed internal links allow users to navigate between related services - from group life insurance to private medical insurance, for example.


4. The client

Taylorcocks is an Accountancy Age Top 100 firm of chartered accountants and chartered tax advisers. They specialise in providing accountancy and tax solutions to business and private clients, as well as offering a complete financial advisory service.

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