Opening valuable new revenue streams

SJD Accountancy


“PracticeWEB are probably our most trusted and important service provider. The team are great, the service is exemplary and the pricing structure works for us. With over 13,500 clients and millions of page views we wouldn’t trust anybody else with our website.”

Julian Carnell

1. The challenge

In a competitive market place, SJD are constantly looking for new ways to ensure they stand out from their competition. 

Attracting new clients in this type of market is something that presents an on-going challenge.  Julian Carnell, Marketing Director explains “It’s no longer sufficient to just have an extension of a Yellow Pages advertisement where you list your services and showcase your partners, your website needs to do much much more”. 

2. The solution

Working with PracticeWEB, SJD have created a website with thousands of pages full of valuable content, making it an indispensible resource hub for both clients and prospects alike. With over a million page views, the hard work of producing this content has certainly paid off and their expertise clearly highlighted. Many accountants look to specialise and find attracting “the right type of client” a challenge, however SJD look to appeal to a wide variety businesses and is the UK’s largest accountants to contractors. This approach has led to new opportunities for them, for example the launch of Easy Accountancy - a general accountancy practice, which PracticeWEB helped launch and continue to support with a separate dedicated site. Five years on, Easy Accountancy has gained 500 clients and is seeing double digit growth.

3. The results

As one of PracticeWEB’s first clients, their website has evolved lots in terms of design and functionality however, the Landscape CMS platform has consistently impressed SJD throughout our relationship. It is stable and reliable, providing them with enough flexibility to customise as things as they need. Whilst SJD can edit and change a lot of the content themselves, they are backed up by the knowledgeable and friendly client support team, who are always on hand to provide expert advice. In fact, some recent work completed on the site has seen an increase in their Google ranking and a massive 35% increase in visits. 

4. The client

SJD Accountancy are the UK’s largest specialist provider of fixed fee Limited company accountancy services to contractors, freelancers, consultants and interim managers. They have been providing both personal and business tax advice for 22 years and have over 13,500 Limited company clients. According to Accountancy Age, SJD are the 31st largest firm in the country with all growth being organic rather than via acquisitions or mergers.

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