10 blog post ideas for when you’re stuck for inspiration

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to writing is finding a topic to write about.

Here are some ideas for when you’re stuck for inspiration.

1. FAQs posts

What questions are clients asking? This could be topical such as ‘How will making tax digital affect me?’. Or you could focus on the questions you get asked year after year such as ‘How do I fill in a tax return?’.

2. Fresh angles on old ideas

Got a topic in mind but are struggling with a good angle?

The press offices pages on websites such as YouGov, industry bodies and consumer sites are great sources for surveys and statistics. Pick out a surprising stat and use it as springboard into your topic.

Similarly, a Google news search will pull up new content on subjects that come up again and again.

3. Looking forward

Preview future tax and finance changes.

4. Looking back

Revisit a topic 12 months on.

5. Update an old blog post for the current tax year

This is really easy for topics that don’t change much like self-assessment or inheritance tax planning.

6. Revamp popular posts

Use Google Analytics to see what content has been popular over the last 12 months. Is there an update or new spin you could put on a popular subject?

7. Cut up content you already have

Divide e-books, white paper or step-by-step guides into short blog posts. You could also ask readers to fill in a contact us form to read the full content.

8. Look beyond written content

Got lots of video content languishing on an unloved YouTube channel? Write a short introduction and embed the video into your post.

Presentations or webinars usually have distinct sections which mean they are easy to chop up and transform into a blog.

9. Go behind the scenes

Explaining how you approach a particular process is a great way to showcase how you work. The added bonus is that because it’s something you do all the time you won’t need to do any research.

10. Opinion pieces

Read something you love or hate? Write a comment piece on what you think. Remember to link back to the original source in your blog.

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