60 Seconds with Connor Page, Junior Account Manager

Hello, How’s your day going?

Hey there! Pretty good so far, lots of training and meeting. I have also had my first client call which is very exciting! How’re you doing?

Junior Account Manager (or JAM it has been nicknamed!), sounds like an interesting role what does your day to day job involve?

JAM is an amazing title, that’s going on my LinkedIn… Anyway, my day to day job is ensuring that our various clients are getting the most out of working with Sift. I communicate with them through phone calls, emails and face to face meetings, talking through the services they purchase from Sift and what we can do to help them achieve their goals. At the moment I still spend the majority of my day in training but I’m really excited to get out there and talk to clients soon!

What were you doing before joining us at PW towers?

Before joining the PWeb team I was a student. I finished University of the Friday, and started here on the following Monday, so I was very lucky that I got into work so quick!

Outside of University however I volunteered in a number of roles to gain some strong experience working in digital marketing. I worked with a number of SME’s that ranged from marketing agencies to event medical companies, but I developed a specific expertise working in the music industry. I worked for a number of companies including Arcadia, Love Saves the Day, Brisfest and Redfest to create and implement their marketing strategies to run major sell out music festivals across Bristol. This included everything from small club nights to major 20,000 people outdoor festivals. It was great fun! It’s this experience that helped me decide that I wanted to get into marketing and get me this job as a JAM here at Sift.

Are you a cat or dog person? Why?

Dog 100%. Probably because I own one, (Bowser the 13 year old chocolate lab), and I believe that I was one in a past life… Basset Hounds are my spirit animals. The bigger and fluffier the dog the better! I spend far too much time looking at photos of dogs on Instagram and Reddit… They’re the best.

I am interested in: