60 Seconds with James Martini, Deputy Editor

Hello, James. How’s your day going?

All good so far, thanks. The spring sun is shining, although I’m researching and compiling a feature that has me swimming in a deep sea of information. A lot to take in and process on day two!

Deputy editor sounds like it involves lots of red pen and crossing out – what does your day to day job involve?

Well, it’s a step up in seniority for me but a challenge I feel ready for. While I’m used to editing other people’s work, the prospect of driving forward PracticeWEB’s editorial output is one I am relishing. I’ll be looking to sharpen up the content and offer new insights from my experience to hopefully make a real difference.

What were you doing before joining us at PW towers?

Before taking on the new challenge to transfer my skillset and join PracticeWEB, I was a copy editor working in regional newspapers following 18-month stints as a copywriter with Press Association’s Content For Marketing team and a digital content specialist with Haymarket’s football title, FourFourTwo. It’s an exciting opportunity to make a difference to a growing company at the right time in my career.

Last question! Selected randomly from a list of questions your new work colleagues would like to know about you…. What kind kind of music do you listen to?

Well, I’m a big indie rock ‘n’ roll fan having grown up listening to Oasis. Seen them live five times, including their last gig at Wembley in 2009 where they were supported by another of my favourite bands – Kasabian.

I am interested in: