60 seconds with… Stuart Pringle, Head of Sales

Hi Stuart, how  is your Tuesday going?

Pretty good! The sun is shining, I didn’t get soaked cycling into work and now I have a cup of tea in my favourite oversized Chewbacca mug. The mug which has given me my alias – Stu-bacca! (Ed’s note – he also made the interviewer a cup of tea, this did not affect the outcome of the interview)

So Stuart/Stu/ tu-bacca – What does a day in the life of Head of Sales at PracticeWEB look like?

Let’s clear the myth up first –  I don’t walk round shouting “buy, buy, sell, sell” into three phones glued to my ear!

It’s pretty earlier days but currently I am working with Steph, our Sales Manager and the newly formed Account Management team to identify new opportunities to help accountants and advisers grow. I also keep a keen eye on the numbers, which I couldn’t do without my trusted sidekick, a large pink calculator! It was gifted to me at my first job with the promise it would never be stolen, probably the best career advice I have been given.

What was life like before joining the PracticeWEB team?

Well I haven’t come far, the journey from the 6th floor at Bridge House to the 5th, wasn’t too taxing! I have been part of the Sift family for 4 years, working on the Enterprise titles on everything from Marketing Strategy to Lead Generation.  I am looking forward to bringing the insights from the Sift small business community to PracticeWEB clients.

Also this move means I can keep running the mighty Sift Curry club, which is a total dictatorship. The first rule of Curry Club is I choose EVERY eating venue!

What has been your worst day at the office?

Got to be the time a speaker cancelled on us for a breakfast seminar at 6am on the morning of the event! I had the train journey from Bristol to London to find a new speaker……

What’s your top tip for working with you?

Don’t talk to me when I am driving. I drove my boss back from Reading to Bristol once, we were deep in conversation and it was all fine until I realised we were at Heathrow. She didn’t let me forget that one in a hurry!

So we know you are a bike fan, so last question…. If you could be a bike, what type of bike would you be and why?

A carbon fibre mountain bike because I don’t weigh very much, I like to pretend i am a bit rugged but really  I am happiest sat in the living room looking good!  (And probably getting in my wife’s way!)

I am interested in: