Advisory? Say it loud and proud

We recently had a group of small business owners here at PWEB Towers telling us what they want,and what they actually get, from their accountant.

It was a very interesting session, with views ranging from startup owners to a battle-hardened 67-year-old serial entrepreneur looking to exit.

As the day progressed, conversations naturally turned to websites – in particular, accountants’ websites.

One of our guests for the afternoon got very animated and said:

“Why is it that advisory is always listed as the last thing on offer?

“It’s important. If it’s what you do, I want to know that straight away.

“Don’t put it at the end; it just feels apologetic and I don’t believe you’re serious.”

That was a lightbulb moment for me. If your firm is really good at advisory – this highly-prized and highly-skilled service – then why is it so often listed last?

Prospects landing on an accountant’s site usually assume you offer services like accounts and tax. Why tell them what they already know?

What about leading on the very thing other accountants don’t do? That same thing the business owner was looking for help with?

And here’s the rub – one of the others overheard the conversation and said:

Yes, and I would be very happy paying more for that.”


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