Budget 2017: Impact of the new email design

The Budget email newsletter is the largest and probably most important newsletter we send on our your behalf.

It’s had a face lift for 2017 to make it look more modern and responsive (so that it is easy to read on all devices).

A week after the big day we thought we’d take a closer look at how the email performed across all PracticeWEB accountant website clients.


The open rate was 27.2% meaning that just over of a quarter of subscribers opened the email. Not bad on a day when lots of businesses sent out Budget-related emails.

Unique clicks

The percentage of people who clicked on the email (the unique click through rate) was 8.1%. This was a massive improvement from the Autumn Statement 2016 email which had a unique click through rate of 3.6%.

Total clicks

Even more exciting is that more people were clicking more than once. The total click through rate was 15.2% (up from 5.6% at the Autumn Statement). This means that more people were choosing to read multiple pieces of content on your website.

What caused this?

One thing to bear in mind is that we’re not quite comparing like with like. A Budget is generally a bigger fiscal event than an Autumn Statement so perhaps it’s not surprising that a Budget email gets more engagement.

We made lots of changes to the design and content of the email so it’s hard to pinpoint what caused these increases.

Here are some things that may have helped:

New design 

It simply looked nicer and was easier to read.

More specific titles

The titles focused on the main change rather than generic ones such as “business announcements”.

Less information in the email

We kept the information in the email brief to encourage people to read the detailed report on the website.

More prominent call to action buttons

You really can’t miss them. We also made sure that the text on each call to action was slightly different.

How do your stats compare?

It is easy to find out about your email campaign performance. If you need any help or have any questions please email us at

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