Calls to action – are you getting them right?

Getting calls to action right can make a big difference to the number of leads you generate from your site so it is worth spending some time checking you are getting them right.

Firstly what is a call to action?

A call to action is how you let your website visitor know what you want them to do next. This could be a number of things such as getting in touch, downloading a guide, or signing up for a newsletter.

Getting your approach right can make a big difference to the volume of leads and new clients you can generate from your website. After all the work you have done in getting them there, let’s not lose them now!

Here are a couple of suggestions of things you can try:

  • Be specific – what exactly is it you want the user to do next? Instead of using “Click here” try “Read our summary of the 2016 Budget Statement”.
  • Make sure it can’t be missed – don’t lose the user’s attention by making them hunt around on the page for what the next step is. Be bold, be proud!
  • Avoid “Submit Now” – it sounds scary and implies the user will be making a commitment, which makes them less likely to get in contact. if you have joined a PracticeWEB webinar you will know we consider this to be a golden rule.
  • Be positive – Which sounds better “We think you should call us today” or “Call us today”? Short and to the point statements are much more effective.
  • Experiment – play around with different wording, colours, fonts and styles, see what gets the best results.

Some examples of Calls to Actions for you to try on your site.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Enroll to our webinar
  • Download our guide
  • Sign up for a 30 day free trial
  • Contact us to discuss the next steps

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