How can the most neglected area of your website help you win new clients?

Why is “about us” an important area of your website?

For accountants and advisers, the “about us” section of a website is a particularly important (and often neglected) area of the website. Reasons for this include:

  • When somebody recommends you to a friend, this is where the friend goes to evaluate you.
  • Prospects have thousands of accountants offering similar services to choose from.
  • Many firms use very generic text, this makes “about us” an easy place to differentiate your firm.

Take a look at the data

Data from web analytics shows us the importance of this area of your website. Have a look at the behaviour flow on an accountant’s website which receives about 1,000 unique visitors per month:

Accountant website visitor flow

This shows us that more visitors who arrive at this site via the home page go on to visit about us than any other page. What’s even more interesting is that a good proportion of those visitors go on to either the staff directory or the contact us page.

This is a good indication that visitors to this area of the website are likely to consider making an enquiry. And also tells us that we need to make sure that the design and content of this area of the site need are worth considerable attention.

Take a look at your own web analytics if not enough visitors are going on to other areas of the site (preferably the contact page), then its time to think about the design and content of this area.

Banish generic copy

How often do we read phrases like “we are a proactive firm offering a wide range accountancy services”?

While clients do tell us that proactivity is important, if everybody is saying the same thing, then the message gets lost. And in a highly competitive market, where trust is paramount and difference can be difficult to prove, falling back on generic “about us” copy is wasting an opportunity for your practice to shine.

It’s well worth investing some time and effort into a well crafted value proposition or elevator statement that genuinely tells the visitor what’s different about your firm.

One useful structure for this is Geoff Moore’s value positioning statement:

  • for (short description of target client)
  • who (short description of the client’s problem or objective)
  • our (short  description of services)
  • so that (short description of value created)

This can also form the elevator pitch for your firm when you meet new prospects or attend networking events.

Showcase your team and its talent

In focus groups, business owners have told us that they are more likely to get in touch with firms that showcase their key people on the website. The data from web analytics also supports this.

They told us they felt more comfortable getting in touch with a firm when they saw pictures of partners and other key staff (Extra tip: use a professional photographer and keep the style consistent).

It’s worth showing your team’s specialisms on their profile pages, this demonstrates to your visitors that your skills fit their needs exactly. This not only increases the likelihood that they’ll get in touch, but also helps attract the clients that you really want.

Now that your next big client knows about your firm, they know you offer the service they need, and they know who will deliver it, why make it harder than it needs to be for them to get in touch? Publish direct contact details for your people right there in their profile pages.

Here’s how PracticeWEB client, Cassons pulls all of this together:

Cassons accountants partner profile

Ashley’s profile paints a highly credible picture of him as a professional and the options to connect on LinkedIn or add him as an outlook contact further increase the likelihood that prospects will get in touch directly.


We’ve heard from practice partners and their clients alike that when it comes to choosing an accountant, the list of services on offer is so similar across a large number of firms that choice seems almost unlimited.

Given this, clearly communicating your value proposition along with showcasing the talent you have within your team can go a long way towards helping your next client to choose you without resorting to price competition.

When you think about it, if your web visitor sees a value proposition that describes them and the problem they’re trying to solve, then finds the individual who has the skills to help, and their direct contact details, it seems obvious that they are far more likely to get in touch.

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