How to repurpose content

Do you remember the BBC programme Changing Rooms? Each week a team of interior designers had weekend to transform a room with a budget of £500. Cue sawing wardrobes in half to create dining tables, covering walls with fake fur and lots of creativity.

It was essential viewing in the 90s (at least in my house). While tv shows have moved on a bit (thank you Netflix), Changing Rooms is a great lesson in working with what you already have.

The same principles behind changing a spare bedroom into a 1970s-inspired disco room can be applied to repurposing content.

Revamping existing content gives it another chance to reach more people with minimal effort, giving your content marketing efforts an extra boost.

Let’s look at an example using an article on auto-enrolment we produced in April (if you subscribe to our Financial Updates Bundle, you should recognise this guide).

With a bit work we could turn the article into:

A series of question and answer blog posts – All that needs to be done here is to split the text up and think of a title for each post. For example, When’s my start date? How much does auto-enrolment cost?

A bullet list article of things small businesses need to consider before starting auto-enrolment – Use the section headings as each bullet point. They could link to the original guide at the end so readers can get more detail.

A list-style blog post using the statistics at the end of the article – For example, 7 statistics about auto-enrolment.

An infographic using the statistics – This will take a little bit more effort but visual content is great for sharing on social media or embedding into blog posts. Canva is a free online tool for creating graphics.

Exchange content for contact details – Use the introduction in a blog and ask readers to fill in a form to download the full article.

As you can see, with a little imagination you can extend the use of your content.

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