Improvements to how we stop spam

Spam is one of the biggest issues on the web. It comes in many different formats such as random comments on blog post, but the way it’s most likely to affect our clients is spam website sign ups.

Now whilst this isn’t likely to harm your website it can be really annoying – email notifications and addresses like clogging up your list of website users is frustrating. So we are on a constant mission to reduce the impact.

As part of this mission we have been reviewing the way we stop the spambots and after careful consideration have decided that move to a new tool produced by Google called ReCaptcha. Basically it is the “I am not a Robot button” you click when filling out a form. Find out more about it here.

Over the upcoming weeks we will be updating your site which shouldn’t cause too many problems but if you do notice any formatting issues then drop our support team a line and they will look into it for you.

If you have any concerns then please get in touch. 

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