Infographic: The Anatomy Of A Search Results Page

As Digital and Search marketing experts, we understand the online marketing strategies to target specific areas of a search results page to give the best chance of securing a qualified lead.  However, whilst talking to Accountants at Accountex 2017, we quickly found that not all businesses owners and marketing departments realise the different components of a search results page, and how different digital strategies help target these.


What makes up a Google results page?

To help, we’ve put together an infographic dissecting the components of a basic Google search results page for the phrase “accountants near me”.  You can find an expansion of each part below:


Paid Search Ads:

This is the best way to target people who are searching for a specific thing at any given time. Otherwise known as ‘PPC’ (Pay Per Click), these are Google sponsored search adverts using Google AdWords. Set up your AdWords account, select some keywords and place a monetary bid on them to compete for keywords and phrases as people search. The higher your bid the higher your ad (although there are other ways to achieve this!)  The best part is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can limit spending with a budget.

Local Pack Ranking:

This is an ideal way to target people who are searching locally. These are Local Search rankings for businesses who want customers through their doors. Business listings that have been submitted to Google Maps can show here for local searches with phrases including “near me”. Submit your business to Google My Business and perform some Local SEO on your website to show up here.

Organic Search Rankings:

This is the best and most cost-effective way to gain traffic for almost every search term relevant to your website and content. There are over 200 different ranking factors that Google takes into consideration when choosing what site to rank here for a search term, the main ones we know being content and links. Careful though, there are rules. Optimise your website using an effective SEO strategy to rank here.

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