Make a first impression with Google My Business

Whether you’re searching for a local restaurant or looking for the best attractions on a day out, a quick Google search is likely to be the first thing to help inform your decision.

First impressions count, and if you can present a web user with an appealing brand and useful information right away, they’re more likely to investigate further.

This goes for accountants as much as any other business.

So how can you make sure the right information about your business is easy to find?

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is Google’s online directory, which displays key information about businesses alongside their Google Maps location.

It shows a list of 3 businesses at the top of the search page, based on local ranking and the user’s location. Or, if someone searches specifically for your business, a box with information about it will appear on the right.

Either way, your business has the chance to reach a prominent position on a Google search page. It’s free to set up a listing, so there’s no reason not to make use of this simple, user-friendly tool.

Why should I use it?

According to Google, businesses using the tool are twice as likely to be considered reputable – but what makes it so appealing?

Give prospects key information…

Google My Business allows you to add your business’ name, location and contact details along with photos and a link to your website.

While most people aren’t going to visit an accountant for their office interior, adding photos does create a sense of legitimacy that could give your business an advantage.

It’s also a good place to include your logo, connecting the listing on Google with your brand as a whole.

The listing also features a reviews section, where customers can rate your business out of 5 stars, and leave their feedback.

…and make it clickable

Once the user has found the information they were after, they can make the next step right away by clicking one of the buttons on the listing.

They can navigate to your website, find directions, or give you a call, with the press of a button.

This can be particularly handy for a user looking for quick results on their mobile phone, as they can get in touch or find out where you are, while they’re out and about.

If you want your business to appear locally, setting up a listing on Google My Business is your best option, used as part of your SEO strategy.

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