Making Tax Digital and the importance of clear language

I’ve been thinking about 3 little words recently. No,not I. Love. You, but Making. Tax. Digital.

More specifically I’ve been mulling over what these 3 words mean to people who aren’t accountants or financial advisers.

Do readers know what we mean when we write Making Tax Digital?

Most professions have specific terminology that is used without much thought. Jargon is fine when everyone understands what you’re talking about. The problem comes when people use jargon with an audience that doesn’t have the same knowledge.

We can’t expect readers to be familiar with the language of tax and finance. Instead we need to use clear language and explain unfamiliar concepts.

Using the Making Tax Digital example we could say:

“Making Tax Digital is the government’s plan to make individuals and businesses use digital software to report tax to HMRC.”

Even “digital tax reporting” is more descriptive than Making Tax Digital.

Thinking about your audience’s needs can be hard but it is worth it. Do you want to be known as the accountant who confuses their clients or the one who educates them?

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