Meet Lucy!

There is a new face on the Account Management Team, say hi to Lucy!

Hello, How’s your day going?

Hiya, very well so far thanks. Busy, busy with lots of client phone calls scheduled in but they’re all exciting meetings looking at how we can improve their website with our new sites built on the WordPress platform.

So Account Manager, sounds like an interesting role what does your day to day job involve?

I’m relatively new still so I’m still learning new things everyday, but my main focus day to day is looking to build strong relationships with all my clients and making sure that they’re happy with the service and products they’re receiving from us. Through phone calls and face to face meetings I’ll then look at how we can help assist them with their digital marketing strategy and making sure that their website is performing as best as it can be whilst being inline with their business goals.

Oh, and not forgetting making delicious homemade carrot cakes for the team!

We are still dreaming about those carrot cakes!

What were you doing before joining us at PracticeWEB?

So before PWEB I always worked in marketing, but client side rather than in an agency. I know what it’s like to be in our clients shoes so can relate with them well.

My previous job was Marketing Executive for WWT, The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. I managed a number of different projects, across a variety of different marketing mediums, and also worked closely with the digital team on email marketing, social media content and website development.

It’s a great charity, they do some fab work and I now know the difference between all six flamingo species. But, surprisingly my fear of birds was a slight issue, so when this role came up at PWEB it’s safe to say I jumped at the opportunity!

Final question, are you a cat or dog person? Why?

100% dogs, particularly Golden Retrievers. I’m slightly biased though as I have two Golden Retrievers at home, called Alfie and Daisy. They’re fun, loyal, give the best hugs and always make you feel loved!


I am interested in: