Paid Vs Organic: The battle of search

The world of search can be confusing. There are lots of conflicting messages about how you should best approach your strategy.

One question we frequently get asked is whether clients should focus on paid search or put their energy into an organic search strategy.

Before we delve into that question let’s have a quick reminder between the two:


An organic listing shows up in a results page based on the search engine algorithm. This algorithm is a bit of mystery – no one can guarantee you a number one ranking. If they do, then run a mile! (link to SEO agency blog)


Paid search are the adverts you see above the organic and the local search results. Companies place bids on how much they will pay to try and secure the best position.


So, what is best…

Well actually, you don’t need to pick a side! It is about picking the right tool to tackle each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Paid search assists those who are in the decision making stage – at this point prospects will have a clear idea on what they are looking for. Their searches will be pretty specific and a well targeted paid search campaign, with an optimised landing page can help convert a web visitor into a client.

On the other hand Organic search helps buyers at the researching stage. At this point they know they have an issue and are looking for some help but might not be sure what this help could be! By creating content answering some of the ways you can help clients you will appear in the results for when a prospect “googles” something they are unsure of.

So there you have it! If you want to chat through your Search goals then get in touch here

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