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What is HTTPS?

Recently, you may have heard tech and media types talking about HTTPS and how important it is. Google it, and you’ll learn that HTTPS stands for “hypertext transfer protocol secure”.

Glad we cleared that up?

In simple terms, HTTPS is a​ way to protect your website from attacks and give users confidence the site is authentic – you can read more about it here on the PracticeWEB help centre.

Why should you bother?

Well, here are a few reasons we recommend having it installed:

  • SEO rankings: Google loves secure websites! So HTTPS sites are given preference in search results.
  • Increases trust in your brand: Web visitors feel happier sharing personal details on secured websites.
  • Peace of mind: Your website will be secured against hackers and any other security breaches.

If you are a PracticeWEB client and would like this installed on your website, we can get sorted out for you pretty quickly and without much cost. Get in contact with us here and we can start the process for you.

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