Some simple steps to help increase your Twitter following

If like us you are active on Twitter, you know all too well that it only takes a couple of seconds to decide whether to follow someone (or not).

Whilst some decisions follow simple logic i.e. they’re a friend or customer, you find their content useful. There’s every chance you’re also dealing with the unknown (and vice versa). With millions of options and only a very limited time to make a good first impression, you need to make the most of your profile potential: maximising the impact of your images, ensuring your profile reads well; and compose your Tweets in the right tone of voice.
In this blog post we’re going to look at some of the possible reasons why you’re not getting more Twitter followers.

You didn’t complete your profile!

Believe it or not, the most common mistake people make is fully completing their Twitter profile. It’s an easy fix. Make sure you include a suitable profile photo, cover photo and include your location. Add a link to another online profile or your website. This allows visitors to get a top-level understanding of who you are, what you do, and what to expect from your Tweets.

You’re not Tweeting enough

We’re all busy people but not Tweeting enough really harms your chances of gaining new followers. If people see that the last time you tweeted was last month – or even worse, last year – it makes it look like you aren’t active, or even worse don’t care. People want to follow people who actively tweet. Creating a balance by planning out your tweets per day, per hour, and per week is this easiest way to get yourself organised. If you are Tweeting for or on behalf of a business – we’d encourage you to think about creating a social media content calendar, to help you figure out a balanced schedule for optimal reach.


For a new Twitter user, we would recommend 3 to 5 tweets per day. Three is really a minimum. Work your way up to this level and then see how you can improve.


If you are running a twitter account for yourself, you can easily tweet as many as 7 to 15 times per day without a worry. Just make sure you maintain a balance between promoting yourself and having conversations with others.


It probably isn’t a great idea or even necessary for a business to tweet more that 10 times per day. Most users are far more likely to tolerate a high level of tweets from an individual than they are from a business, so it is important to keep your tweet levels in line with their expectations.

You’re tweeting too much

That’s right, Tweets on a person’s newsfeed don’t last long due to the huge amount of messaging on the network. However, don’t make the mistake of tweeting five messages in a row. Instead, spread things out over a few messages. If you’re over-tweeting with the purpose of reaching the highest number of users, consider finding out the best times to tweet to engage your audience and make sure the content is relevant at that time of day.

Engage with your audience

If you never tweet back to followers who mention you, engage in conversations, or provide your community with valuable content, your chances of gaining followers is low. People love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to follow back

If someone new follows you, try and follow them back. Whilst you should be picky with who you’re following – after all, it’s your Twitter feed to curate – it’s good to reciprocate. Go that one step further and say thanks!

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