Subject lines: Things to avoid

People make the decision on whether to open or bin your email in a couple of seconds, so your subject line is very important. Here are some things to avoid  to make sure your hard work doesn’t end up in the bin.


Because no one wants to be shouted at. And while we are at let’s not overuse exclamation marks!!!! This will make your email look spammy and end up straight in the bin.

Too many words

40% of emails are being read on mobiles, so long subject lines get cut off. Keep it around 50 characters

Wrong personalisation

Yes, personalisation is great, but check your data! Who wants to get emails with the subject line “Hello <No Name>”? Are you going to open it? No.

Not giving enough information

Don’t think creating an air of mystery about the content of the email with a vague subject line is going to make someone more likely to open it. They won’t it will be straight in the bin.

Using a generic name as the sender

Not strictly the subject line, however people are not going to open an email from . Try sending emails from a familiar name.

Including FWD or RE: 

Trying to pretend that your email is part of an ongoing conversation is sneaky, and looks very spammy.

Grammar or spelling mistakes 

Check, check and check again ALL your content, not forgetting that all important subject line.

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