Why Should Accountancy Firms make content the top of their marketing list?

For traditional businesses, word-of-mouth is a great way of gaining referrals – why? Because it works. What better than a case example of your hard work and effort pitched in front of another potential client? But what if I told you there was a way you could increase your brand awareness in a way word-of-mouth can’t?

For many large businesses, off-site SEO strategies are highly likely to be one of their key tools for driving more website traffic and brand awareness.  But what is an off-site SEO strategy and why should you as accountants be interested?

Think of off-site SEO as a recipe for brand success – add in some content, a few well-earned links (perhaps some social media interaction), and you get a tasty off-site SEO strategy ready to bring in some targeted traffic and leads who you can showcase your industry knowledge to in a way word-of-mouth referrals can’t.

1) Content creation is important, but why?

We’ve already written some great articles on content and how you could start generating it, and it can be an invaluable tool not only for your website, but for your firm. It also happens to be one of Google’s top ranking factors.

Think of content as a means of demonstrating your industry expertise. Use it to show off your firm’s voice and a way of providing helpful information to your clients about common problems, questions and updates in the accounting sector.  This in turn, can be used as a positive trust signal between you and your potential clients, and also be a great way to maintain and enhance client retention by providing your current clients with some valuable insights.

2) The importance of ‘links’ resulting from great content and services:

Links, otherwise known as ‘backlinks’ come as a result of creating great content and are another one of Google’s top ranking factors. Links to your site act as a sign of trust that both Google and your users can rely on.

For example, you’re on holiday and you want to know where the best place is to eat. You could just walk into the nearest restaurant, but you don’t know how good the food is. Alternatively, you could ask the residents nearby where the best place is to eat, you could also look at the reviews online. This is exactly what a link is like, a referral that is earned when a site hyperlinks to your content or another page on your site. It tells Google and your prospects that you’re trustworthy, you deliver the best information in town and eventually – you’re the one they should come to for services.

3) Social Media: Why should Accountants be using it?

Social media has its place when it comes to content and off-site SEO.  A warm social media presence is almost like your online brand ambassador. Use it to share the content you create and show off your expertise in the hope of gaining a positive response, handy reviews, some links and some new web traffic in return. I like to think that social media has the potential for a great ‘domino effect’.

Take Twitter for example, you post your content on Twitter to 100 followers, if just one follower retweets this content to their 100 followers you’ve instantly gained 200 eyes (impressions) over your content. If one of those 200 impressions retweets your content to their 200 followers, you’ve gained 400 impressions, and the cycle goes on.  Social media is not only a great way to gain some extra website visits, but it also increases your brand awareness in a way that word-of-mouth could not.

Create your firm’s off-site SEO Strategy

Now we’re not saying that all this work comes with no effort.  Gaining quality links from people and prospects who trust your content takes time and you need to be in it for the long run. Social media requires a constant presence if you want to keep up with today’s digital world, and that also means giving your profiles a refresh every now and again to remain up to date. You can implement your own off-site SEO strategy by creating useful bits of content that your clients will find helpful, such as your own insights on the latest industry developments, and planning how you distribute it – what sites or social media platforms will you use, who is your target audience and how will you measure the success.

If you want more information about content you could be creating for your accountancy firm, contact our team today.

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