Write drunk, edit sober

Over the past couple of months I’ve been speaking to as many accountants as will talk to me! Whether it’s been over the phone, at Accountex or face to face around the country our conversations have at some point very nearly always turned to the same two topics; what on earth am I supposed to blog about and I don’t have the time.

Ok part one of that. (part two to follow in another installment). A quick google will tell you that there’s no end of marketing advice saying content is the key to success. And they have a point, well written unique content with an authentic voice is an effective tool to telling your story, getting your brand noticed, improving your search results and differentiating yourself from the next person down the road.

That’s great and everything but … I can’t do that. Writers block. It’ll be boring. No one wants to read my stuff. Blogging just isn’t me. I’m not a writer.

Not so.

I said at the top that I’d spent a lot of time speaking to accountants. I’ve learned a lot. You see, here’s the thing when I ask ‘you know your stuff, right?’ the answer is a resounding yes followed by a whole heap of anecdotes of  helping clients. And therein lies the golden nuggets.

‘Write drunk, edit sober’ is the classic quote from Ernest Hemmingway. Now I’m not suggesting we all go out on a 12 hour bender. Maybe something a little more up to date like ‘write tipsy, edit with coffee.’ The goal here is to get into that mindset after a couple of pints (that stage where suddenly you’re a pool and darts whizz before it all gets a bit hazy) and you’ll happily put the world to rights with your best mate. That stage of the evening. If you can channel that mindset where you have the confidence to tell your story, share your knowledge, point out the hazards to the unwary – that’s the good stuff.

To put this in context only yesterday I was speaking with an accountant who specialises in small business start ups. Comment was passed during the our conversation, oh my clients are all relatively new small businesses, very diverse (tattoo parlour, dog groomer, dentist) but they all have one thing in common… they all make the same half a dozen mistakes in the first year after being set up. I used to run my own businesses and I’ve been there, I’ve been that guy, I’ve made those mistakes. Boom. There’s your blog post right there: ‘5 traps to avoid in your first year at business.’

And do you know what? As someone with their own ambitions to one day go it alone, I’d love to read that.

So if you are staring a blank word doc in the face, why not go and have a couple of beers and get in the pool king zone, tell the world what you know. We want to hear it.

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