Hey Alex! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, how’s your day going?

Yeah it’s been steady, this whole week’s been steady helping different clients.


Steady is good, what’s your official title here at PracticeWeb?

My official title is client support advisor.


And what do you do day to day?

Basically I help clients with their websites. If a client gets in touch and has a problem with their website for whatever reason, either me, Paul or Kev will try and help them out.


That’s great, what were you doing before you worked here?

Before I came to PracticeWeb I worked in a contact centre that was also based in Bristol. We were part of an overflow service. The company had loads of clients and if those people were busy on calls, then the calls would come to us and we’d help where we could, whether that involved taking a message or contact details.


Moving on to what I’ve been told is the hardest question: can you describe yourself in three words?

Sure, my three words would be friendly, approachable and reliable.


There you go – three things you want in a support advisor. Now so far, because you’re a new member of PracticeWeb, what do you enjoy the most about working here?

The people I work with. I’m with the development team and they’re great. And certainly in my first few weeks they were nice and really welcomed me. The team and the people here are the best thing about the company.


You said your last company was also based in Bristol, do you have any recommendations of where to go for payday lunch?

Yeah, in the dev team we do like our burgers, so we go to Three Brothers a lot. I would recommend there because the lunch deal is cheap, the burgers are good and it definitely fills you up!


Brilliant, thanks Alex!

Thank you.

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