Say hello to our new Commercial manager, Yvette. 


Hi Yvette! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. What were you up to before this Monday morning meeting?

I was celebrating Christmas early because my fiance Nick is a ski instructor and he’s off to Japan for two months! We had Christmas this weekend.

It was good – lots of food and drink. I need a break before we have Christmas again!


Sounds like a great weekend! You’re new here at PracticeWeb – when did you start?

Yes, I started about a month ago. It’s gone so quickly! I’ve met lots of new people and faces that I can remember no names to, but it’s been such a welcoming start.


That’s fab. What’s your official title?

Commercial manager.


What do you do day to day?

It’s my job to attract new business into the company.

Quite a lot of that is educating accountants and independent financial advisors on the products we do and the market – how they need to present themselves to customers in this technology-driven day and age.


What were you doing before you worked here?

Before working here I was travelling around the world. Before that, I was living and working in London where I unfortunately got made redundant from a job in sports advertising.

I saw the opportunity like a kick up the bum to go and do the things that I wanted to do for a year, so my boyfriend and I went travelling. We started off in Sri Lanka – went surfing for three weeks and explored the country. It was amazing.

Then we went over to Japan where the temperature dropped by about 40 degrees! From plus 30 to minus 11. We were over there skiing and working for 5 months which was fantastic. Best food I’ve ever eaten in my life was in Japan. Very cool.

And then we came back to the UK and bought an old VW camper van and spent six weeks doing it up. When it was finished we travelled all around France for three and a half months, and got engaged!


Congratulations! Very pretty ring.

Thank you. Then we decided we didn’t want to go back to London because we’d been there, done that. We’re originally from Cambridge which is beautiful but very quiet. We were thinking about where to go after an amazing year off – we thought let’s try Bristol!


Can you describe yourself in three words?

I’d like to think I’m friendly, creative and competitive – quite sporty.


That’s great. What do you enjoy the most about working at PracticeWeb so far?

Well, the dog days (when a staff member brings in their dog each month), are amazing!


SO good.

The dog days are the best thing I’ve ever had. The closer we get to Christmas it seems to be each week and I’m happy with that. That’s great.

But I think the people have just made my experience here – it’s been easy to integrate and get to know people. Everyone is so friendly, happy to lend a hand and help out. Everyone is quite busy, but they’ve got time to help.


Do you have any weird things on your desk yet?

I don’t have much on my desk yet, but I do have a postcard of three people surfing which makes me daydream a little bit too much. Maybe I should get rid of that.


Procrastination is a key part of the process.

While others are looking out the window at the stormy weather, I’m looking at the surf.


With the weather we’ve had recently, a photograph of sunshine sounds like a great idea.

Yeah, you cycle in and you get wet, you cycle home and you get wet. I think about the South of France on the commute!


Sounds idyllic. Thanks Yvette!

Thank you!


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