Hey Melissa! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, what were you up to before this?

Hi! I’ve just come from a meeting with the other PracticeWEB editors. We’ve been discussing what we’re all working on and what we have planned for the week.

Exciting! What’s your official title here at PracticeWEB?

I’m an editorial assistant.

What do you do?

I help to produce content for our clients, whether that’s daily news stories, monthly articles or blogs, or a  website copywriting project. So my job is to write, edit and proofread those documents.

Yes, I’ve asked you proofread things for me a few times! What were you doing before you worked here?

Before I started here I’d just completed an internship in content marketing, after finishing my degree in English at Bristol University.

I worked for a non-profit organisation that helps refugees find employment and housing in the UK, so I was writing blogs and news stories for their website, and promoting them on social media.

Actually, a lot of the content was aimed at a small business audience, so it’s put me in good stead for the work I do here.

Can you describe yourself in three words?

I’d say focused, friendly and creative.

That’s great, and what do you enjoy the most about working at PracticeWEB?

Everybody says it about working here, but the people are great. There’s always someone to help with day-to-day work, and there’s also a lot of support for development in general.

You said you went to uni here, do you have a favourite place in Bristol for payday lunch, or a place you used to treat yourself at uni?

My favourite place to treat myself would definitely be Primrose Cafe in Clifton. They do the best brunch – the best avocado on toast!

Sounds delicious, thanks Melissa!

Thank you!

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