Say hello to PracticeWeb’s new account executive.


Hi Sam. Happy New Year and welcome to PracticeWeb! What were you up to before this meeting?

Hi. Happy New Year! Before this meeting I was just dealing with some admin and also helping a few of my clients with some maintenance – they emailed in and I referred them through to the support team. 


What’s your official title here at PracticeWeb?

It’s Account Executive. I started at the end of October.


It goes quickly, doesn’t it? What do you do day to day?

It’s quite early doors. At the moment I look after existing clients and will be part of new projects this year, which is exciting.

I had my first client call a few weeks before Christmas, which went really well. He’s our oldest client, still working at 85! It was a great introduction.


That’s inspiring! What were you doing before you worked here?

Before I worked here I was at university. I studied marketing at UWE. Between here and university I had a brief spell working in a few pubs and jobs like that.


That’s cool that this is your first job, are you enjoying it so far?

It’s just so much better than working a pub job, it’s nice to have a weekend!


Completely agree! Can you describe yourself in three words?

I had a think about this, I guess happy-go-lucky.


Great. What’s the best thing about working at PracticeWeb?

Probably working above Sandwich Sandwich!


So true one of the best sandwich bars in Bristol! Last question: what’s the weirdest thing on your desk?

I don’t really have anything weird at the moment. My manager Alex brought us back a load of snapback hats from Xerocon. How often I have to wear one depends on how well I do each week…


Sounds like a challenge. Thanks Sam!


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