Say hello to Steph.


Hey Steph, how’s your Monday going?

It’s busy, which is good – lots of meetings. I’ve just had my one-to-one with Stu. We went down to the Marina and had a catch-up.


That sounds lovely. What’s your official title here at PracticeWeb?

My official title is Sales Executive.


What do you do?

I talk to new business in the accounting world about how PracticeWeb can help them with their digital marketing, whether it’s websites, content, SEO services – things that can help them perform better on the web.

Basically I promote the work we do, and if that’s something they want, we’ll go through the sales process and make them a new website.


What were you doing before you worked here?

I was the co-owner of my Dad’s company for a while. I helped him with all of his web stuff and marketing. I was the company secretary.

He’s a consultant so I would book all his appointments and take care of the business – the marketing, the website, his business cards, all things like that.

And before I did something completely different, which was caring. I was a carer for elderly and poorly people.


Amazing, lots of variety.  Can you describe yourself in three words? (I’ve been told this is the hardest question!)

That’s a tough one, that is. I would say outspoken, confident and approachable. I’ll go for those three today anyway! It changes day-to-day.


Three good words for today. What do you enjoy the most about working at PracticeWeb? You’ve just come back off maternity leave, haven’t you? Congratulations!

I have just come back off maternity leave, thank you.

The best thing about working here has got to be the people and the environment. The whole ethos is very understanding.

I would say that’s the key word – understanding, family-orientated, but we also love a party and a celebration, and we love cake! And that is me all over! Those are a few reasons why I came back.


The cake mainly though, right?

The cake mainly, and the people.


Haha, last question: what’s the best place in Bristol for payday lunch? Do you have a favourite?

We all love the Lebanese place Beirut Mezze they do the £4.99 two-course lunch deal. Absolutely love that place, that’s somewhere we can go all month because it’s such a good deal. It’s so tasty!

And I’d say, mainly as a treat because I like to try and eat healthily, Three Brothers for a burger. Definitely.


It’s a popular PracticeWeb choice. Thanks Steph!

That’s alright, my easiest meeting of the day!

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