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The importance of having a current updated site

The importance of having a current updated site

As a platform to communicate, showcase your brand and drive sales, your website should be at the forefront of that change. If your website is stuck in the past, your potential new prospects may think your firm is too.

Let’s take a look at four specific reasons why having a current, updated website is essential.

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Why it pays to be a professional

PracticeWeb recently asked 100 SME owners: ‘What do SMEs want from accountants?’. The survey found that by far the most important quality, selected by 52% of respondents, was professionalism. Download the full research report. Honesty, reliability, respectability and...

How many ways are there to say ‘accountancy’?

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced writers, or experienced writers who don’t take time to edit and proofread their work, is accidental repetition. Accidental repetition, which I’m doing deliberately right now, is where certain words or variants are...

The benefits of institute membership

Professionalism. That’s what small and medium-sized business owners value the most from their accountant in 2019, according to our recent research report which asked what do SMEs want from their accountant? Competency, expertise, self-regulation, integrity, honesty....

Accounting websites: design inspiration

PracticeWeb designers Mark Jones and Jacob Pugh, and editor Ray Newman explain how accounting websites go from blank page to the finished product. Building some of the best accounting websites in the UK is the end result of a creative process that continues to evolve....

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