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Sourcing daily news stories

Sourcing daily news stories

Keeping up with the news has never been more important. From sourcing and reporting daily news stories, our editorial assistant Jasdip Sensi explains all.

Why Google My Business Short names are big news

Why Google My Business Short names are big news

Google My Business is the function that powers those handy boxes that pop up after you search for products or services in your local area. They're a powerful tool for accountants to connect with potential customers, as long as you take the time to get your listing...

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Rethink using stock images

Nothing makes our hearts sink quicker than seeing cheesy stock photos plastered all over a well designed website. So much so that a couple of weeks ago we recreated some of most love to hate images which I think prove our point. However I think we should probably...

The complete guide to websites for accountants

Everything you need to know to get the right website to help your accountancy firm meet its business and marketing goals, achieve maximum return on investment, and stand out in the accountancy marketplace.

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