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Change is good?

The new PracticeWEB.co.uk is here. It’s all shiny and fresh out the wrapper. We really hope you like it. The new site is just but one piece of a larger transformation project that has been running through the core of the business for 18 months now. Why change? Well,...

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Reinventing PracticeWeb

Mike Crook is our Chief Digital Officer and in the past year has taken the lead on an overhaul of PracticeWeb’s proposition, positioning, products and services. PracticeWeb’s editor, Ray, sat down with Mike to find out how he went about getting from a blank project...

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Introducing Alex!

Hey Alex! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, how’s your day going? Yeah it’s been steady, this whole week’s been steady helping different clients.   Steady is good, what’s your official title here at PracticeWeb? My official title is client...

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The secret science of… headline writing

We see plenty of headlines each day. From reading Metro on the bus to work to trawling through a BBC app, we all scan headlines searching for content that’s relevant to us. At their best, they grab your attention and lead you into reading the article. At their worst,...

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Budget 2018 is coming, what can you expect?

Budget 2018 is just around the corner after Chancellor Philip Hammond gave less than a month’s notice that the UK’s main fiscal statement will be just two days before Halloween. Exactly five months before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU, the Chancellor may reveal...

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Writing an engaging blog: 4 tips

Blog readers have different expectations of web content than they would with a novel or an essay. Instead of large blocks of text, they’re likely to expect small chunks of content that can be skim-read for the information they want. We’ve already covered some of the...

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Meet Melissa!

Hey Melissa! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, what were you up to before this? Hi! I’ve just come from a meeting with the other PracticeWEB editors. We’ve been discussing what we’re all working on and what we have planned for the week. Exciting!...

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Interview with Business Owner: Euan Pringle

Earlier this year we took some time to speak to business owners about what they want from their accountants and the challenges they face. Now we want to share with you the insights that emerged from those conversations. First, here’s what we learned from talking to...

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Introducing Jess!

Hi Jess! Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. How’s your day going so far? Really good thank you, it’s only 10:30 and I’m already very busy which is what I love about my job. What’s your official title here at PracticeWEB? I’m a producer. So what do...

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Listicles: the format everyone hates to love

Ask most writers what they think of listicles and the chances are they’ll groan: “Ugh! Shallow, patronising clickbait, lacking in nutritional value — no thank you very much.” But readers love them, and they have great potential as a way of making writing about tax and...

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How to create buyer personas

Powerful marketing strategies start with a complete understanding of your ideal clients. What challenges do they face? What do they love? What makes them choose to work with you?

A buyer persona is a helpful way to visualise your ideal client so you can plan marketing campaigns that will really speak to them.