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Why your accountancy practice’s website deserves proper copywriting

Why your accountancy practice’s website deserves proper copywriting

There’s writing and then there’s copywriting. If you want your accountancy firm’s website to generate leads and promote your brand, you need professional copywriting. Copywriting is the technical term for crafting text for marketing purposes. It’s most often used to...

Budget 2019 update

Budget 2019 update

PracticeWeb's Budget report is an important product – it’s one of the few times in the year when everyone’s attention is focused on tax and fiscal policy and a great opportunity for practices to connect with their clients. In a year of extreme political turmoil,...

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Trends in copywriting for accountants: full stops

Editors tend to obsess over details and lately I’ve been thinking about full stops and the ways we at PracticeWeb use them in our copywriting for accountants. Received wisdom among commercial writers used to be that using full stops in headings was a mistake because...

Winning clients for your accountancy firm

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve just got my head back into gear after a full-on day co-hosting a workshop on lead generation strategy for 19 ambitious accountants. Yesterday, Alex Tucker and I represented PracticeWeb, alongside our friends Heather Townsend and Ashley...

Buying SEO for accountancy websites

First, just to be clear, PracticeWeb offers SEO for accountancy firms and of course we'd love you to sign up for our service. But the point of this post isn't a hard sell – it's to help you ensure that whoever you choose to buy search engine consultancy from, it's not...

I hope you found the 'fundamentals of digital marketing' session valuable

From this you will have taken away how to use content and SEO to attract the right kind of client.

In summary you need to:

  • Know your client – define who it is you want to attract and build empathy.
  • Meet their needs – design your marketing around their challenges and needs.
  • Provide quality – meet their service and content expectations.
  • Measure what matters – track the buyer journey funnel to assess what's working

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