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Budget 2019 update

Budget 2019 update

PracticeWeb's Budget report is an important product – it’s one of the few times in the year when everyone’s attention is focused on tax and fiscal policy and a great opportunity for practices to connect with their clients. In a year of extreme political turmoil,...

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The closure of Google+

Back in 2010, Google+ was launched as an attempt to create a social media platform to rival that of Facebook. While it has been by no means as successful as its more established counterparts, it still had a community of dedicated followers. With so many existing...

‘Meet the team’ pages for accountancy firms

The team page on your website isn’t merely functional and deserves as much thought and attention as any other. Done right, a good ‘meet the team’ section sends important signals to clients and prospects. For example, even before anybody reads a word, it can make an...

Mobile responsive websites: time to get serious

In March 2018, Google announced the rollout of mobile-first indexing, which meant the version of your website viewed on a smartphone or tablet became the main event, not a sideshow. I wrote about this at length last year but wanted to take a moment now, with a full 12...

Keywords for accountants: understanding SEO

Search engines have been part of everyday life for most of us for the better part of two decades and as a result, so have keywords. Keywords are the terms people search for and that lead them to one website or another. When someone types something like, ‘accountants...

Spring Statement 2019 is coming

Spring Statement 2019 is on 13 March and arrives a fortnight before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU. With the terms of the UK’s exit still to be determined, early rumours suggest this year’s Spring Statement will be an even lower-key affair than last year....

I hope you found the 'fundamentals of digital marketing' session valuable

From this you will have taken away how to use content and SEO to attract the right kind of client.

In summary you need to:

  • Know your client – define who it is you want to attract and build empathy.
  • Meet their needs – design your marketing around their challenges and needs.
  • Provide quality – meet their service and content expectations.
  • Measure what matters – track the buyer journey funnel to assess what's working

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