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Workshop report: winning clients for your accountancy firm

Workshop report: winning clients for your accountancy firm

It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve just got my head back into gear after a full-on day co-hosting a workshop on lead generation strategy for 19 ambitious accountants. Yesterday, Alex Tucker and I represented team PracticeWeb, alongside our friends Heather Townsend and...

Buying SEO for accountancy websites

Buying SEO for accountancy websites

First, just to be clear, PracticeWeb offers SEO for accountancy firms and of course we'd love you to sign up for our service. But the point of this post isn't a hard sell – it's to help you ensure that whoever you choose to buy search engine consultancy from, it's not...

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Rethink using stock images

Nothing makes our hearts sink quicker than seeing cheesy stock photos plastered all over a well designed website. So much so that a couple of weeks ago we recreated some of most love to hate images which I think prove our point. However I think we should probably...

Displaying your Company Registration Information

An update on what you are legally required to include on your website and emails. Since 2007, the Companies Act has stated that registered companies must display certain information on their website and in their emails or they will be in breach of the act. Not doing...

Grow your firm with the right clients

With more choice than ever before and less incentive to be loyal, today’s clients are savvy and firmly in control. How do you differentiate your offer and make your firm stand out over the competitors?