As a business, SIFT is all about building valuable connections. This means that we are working through the impact and implications of the GDPR for both our audiences and our clients.

Although the GDPR is 95% of the way there; there are elements of the regulations that are still being debated by the EU Article 29 working party. Final guidance from the ICO; specifically around consent, is not expected to be released until December, 2017. Ahead of this, we are working through the ICO 12-point plan to ensure compliance. We are also using the GDPR as an opportunity to review the way we collect, store, process and safeguard personal data. This is to ensure that we (and our clients) are marketing to our audience in a way that complies with the GDPR and that will continue to deliver the best possible results and experience on both sides.

As part of this process, we have now become a certified member of the Direct Marketing Association which operates under similar guiding principals to the GDPR:

Respecting customers’ privacy
Being transparent, fair and honest throughout our business
Treating customers’ personal data with the utmost care and respect
Acting responsibly at all times and honour our accountability

From this point on, we will be working with the support of the DMA’s legal and compliance team to ensure that we are continuing to work towards GDPR compliance.