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  • Website performance
  • Technical performance
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Why audit your website? 

Accountancy firm owners, partners and marketers often tell us that they don’t know if their website is performing as well as it could be.

They don’t know if it’s getting found in search engines. They’re unsure whether it’s driving traffic or engaging visitors. And, most importantly, if it’s generating leads.

Our comprehensive report is based on your digital marketing performance data. It’s written in plain English offering actionable insights to revitalise your marketing strategy.

And that’s not all: we’ll also tell you how your firm’s website stacks up against your peers using our exclusive accounting industry digital marketing benchmarks.

Questions our free website audit report answers:

  • Are you engaging and converting traffic?
  • Is the build quality letting you down?
  • Are people finding you in search?
  • How do you perform against others?

What’s covered?

Website performance

Our accountancy marketing experts will examine your content and commercial pages. We’ll review how engaged your visitors are and how effective your off-site activity is in driving traffic to your website. We’ll dig into the demographics – are you getting the right visitors? And, crucially, we’ll ask how good your website is at converting traffic into concrete leads.

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Technical performance

How does the structure of your website affect its search engine ranking? We’ll look at the overall health of the website, your website’s domain authority (DA) – a vital search engine ranking score – as well as the website’s underlying code. If there are technical issues that need fixing, we’ll find them.

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SEO performance

How does your website perform in search engines results? We’ll look at domain authority, keyword peformance and ranking positions. We’ll look at how your firm scores against 140+ common commercial keywords to reveal how visible your firm is in the digital space and, most importantly, what practical steps you can take to improve your search rankings.

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Digital marketing benchmarks

This is what makes PracticeWeb special: we only work with accountants and have our own dedicated website platform, which is why we are the only agency offering digital marketing benchmarks for accounting firm websites. With our data, you’ll be able to judge how your website compares to those of peers and competitors, from traffic to engagement to conversions.

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The audit was an amazing eye-opener. I had my doubts about how my website was performing but didn’t realise how badly because I lacked the technical know-how to find out. PracticeWeb broke it all down using real and easy to understand information and offered advice that was straightforward and practical.

Firm Owner
Paul Johnston, Bourne Accountancy

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