Google Analytics Introduce ‘Ask a Question’ Feature

We all know that when visiting Google Analytics for the first time – the data can be very daunting.  We know it’s an essential tool for any business, but difficult to use. PracticeWEB covered a quick webinar introducing Google Analytics and the various reports, but more often than not you will still be asking yourself questions about the many different bits of data that Google Analytics provides.  Wouldn’t it be simpler just to ask Google Analytics a question directly?

Well, now you can.  Rolling out today (Wednesday 19 July), we can expect to see this functionality become available over the course of the next few weeks in our Google Analytics accounts. Using Google Analytics’ virtual assistant, you can ask simple “what” and “how many” type questions, and Google Analytics will return an answer from the data it knows about.

Whilst there are limits on the analysis of this function at the moment, such as “why” questions, experts believe this will be available soon as the new function begins to learn.

In the meantime, look out for the circle with dots in the upper-right hand corner of your analytics screen, and begin to unlock the secrets of your data.


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