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PracticeWeb regularly host our own workshop events covering the most important topics for accountants and accountancy firm marketing teams.

Our workshop events are full of practical advice you can act on immediately to start building your brand, working smarter or, most importantly, generating leads.

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On-demand webinar

How to adapt your firm’s services in the current climate with The Gap

Join Mark Jenkins (Co-founder of The Gap) and Mike Crook (Managing Director of PracticeWeb) on this on-demand webinar.

A crisis creates the perfect opportunity to adapt, re-invent, re-engineer and improve you and your clients’ businesses. 

Business advice has been critical over the past few months. Accounting firms have gone above and beyond to support their clients.

But how do you maintain this level of service? Do you have a defined process around advisory that’s scalable and trainable? Perhaps like many firms you’ve given too much value away for free?

This is where The Gap can provide support. They offer tools, templates and a platform that supports accounting firms through the process of delivering advice.

During our webinar, Mark and Mike will share:

  1. How firms have adapted to the COVID-19 situation in the UK
  2. The services your clients need right now
  3. How to package these services and avoid giving so much value away for free
  4. How to leverage your message without coming across as opportunistic
  5. How to develop your own plan in a systematic way.

This is a highly practical webinar with the most up to date content to save you re-inventing the wheel when you’re already under massive pressure.

We’re exhibiting at Accountex 2022

Come and see us on stand 286 at Accountex on 11 – 12 May 2022. We will also be speaking at the ACCA theatre.

Accountex 2019

Watch PracticeWeb talk at Accountex about how to cut through the jargon and build a marketing plan.

The key to a successful marketing marketing campaign is to be client focused. That’s a nice soundbite, but what does it actually mean?

And when you do meet a prospect, how do you know what truly motivates them?

We’ve got some answers for you.

We lay out an easy-to-follow five-point plan for your next marketing strategy, but he’s also done the hard yards in analysing research from across the SME market.

You’ll come away with clarity on where to start, what to do to be ahead of the pack, what the hot topics are, and be better placed to win the next client – and the kind of client you really want.

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