PPC for accountants

Make search engine advertising work for your accountancy firm or bookkeeping service

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model used to direct traffic to your website. The advertiser – in this case you – pays only when the advert is clicked on by a potential client, up to a threshold you set when you begin your campaign. It’s a solution to some specific problems and increasingly forms a key part of search strategy for accountancy firms and bookkeeping services.

Organic traffic is always best, of course, but PPC can play a vital role as part of a wider search marketing strategy for advertising tax services. The two methods complement each other, with PPC providing a way to stake a claim on more competitive search terms in the accountancy and bookkeeping market while organic search picks up niche searches.

Paid results show up above organic results in Google searches, marked discreetly with ‘Ad’, and many search engine users make no distinction between the two. In fact, PPC is increasingly recognised as evidence of quality – of an accountancy firm that has the knowledge and resources to institute and maintain a commercial search strategy.

Getting direct results through PPC

PPC is tailor-made for generating momentum early in the life of an accountancy firm SEO programme as you can immediately drive highly relevant traffic to your site. It can improve the quality of lead flow to your website, resulting in higher conversion rates.

It is a great tool for experimenting quickly to see what does and doesn’t work well, providing solid evidence for which keywords are driving traffic to your site so you can start to optimise your content to draw in organic searches for the same terms.

Generate more leads to your website

We can support your pay-per-click programme by:

  • Reviewing your existing PPC performance.
  • Developing a PPC strategy based around your specific accounting services, location and target clients.
  • Improving landing page optimisation and setting up conversion events to improve lead flow quantity and quality.
  • Identifying relevant keywords based on the target market for your accounting firm advertising.
  • Providing practical, informed advice and reporting on areas such as timing and sensible spend levels.

If you have a company KPI or are putting your own money into a project, you will want to have the numbers to demonstrate return on investment. We provide transparent reporting to show exactly where your money is going, and what that advertising spend is achieving.

To find out more about how we can help you drive relevant lead flow and conversions to your website, please get in touch.

What this will provide


Immediate increase in traffic


Connection to target clients


Evidence to support SEO


Demonstrable ROI


Boost brand profile


Seize topical searches

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