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Budget 2019 update

Budget 2019 update

PracticeWeb's Budget report is an important product – it’s one of the few times in the year when everyone’s attention is focused on tax and fiscal policy and a great opportunity for practices to connect with their clients. In a year of extreme political turmoil,...

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Obsessing over Budget 2019

Will there be a Budget this year? When will it be? What will be in it? We wish we knew. At the time of writing (11:45am on Wednesday 23 October 2019) a Budget is scheduled for 6 November 2019 and the PracticeWeb editorial team is planning on that basis. Having spent...

Content for accountants must have a purpose

“This isn’t about content for content’s sake – every item of content you spend time, effort or money on developing needs to serve a purpose and, ideally, multiple purposes.” Recently, I ran a content strategy workshop for a firm of accountants specialising in a...

Budget 2019: What can you expect?

The kids are back at school and the leaves are beginning to fall which means, all things being equal, that Budget 2019 is around the corner. We have a new prime minister in Boris Johnson, who in building his new cabinet made Sajid Javid the new Chancellor of the...

SEO: understanding local citations

If you know a little about SEO already, it’s likely you’ve heard of local search. It’s the term for the results displayed when someone enters a query into a search engine with what’s known as local intent – something like ‘accountants near me’, or ‘accountants in...

Short names are big news

Google My Business is the function that powers those handy boxes that pop up after you search for products or services in your local area. They're a powerful tool for accountants to connect with potential customers, as long as you take the time to get your listing...

Why it pays to be a professional

PracticeWeb recently asked 100 SME owners: ‘What do SMEs want from accountants?’. The survey found that by far the most important quality, selected by 52% of respondents, was professionalism. Download the full research report. Honesty, reliability, respectability and...

Building a challenger brand: Rise

“Working with PracticeWeb has been a hoot. Nothing less than really good fun. If one gives over completely to the process – and it really is a process – then it can get really get quite creative. “What has emerged is really quite impressive. They have a multi-layered...

How many ways are there to say ‘accountancy’?

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced writers, or experienced writers who don’t take time to edit and proofread their work, is accidental repetition. Accidental repetition, which I’m doing deliberately right now, is where certain words or variants are...

I hope you found the 'fundamentals of digital marketing' session valuable

From this you will have taken away how to use content and SEO to attract the right kind of client.

In summary you need to:

  • Know your client – define who it is you want to attract and build empathy.
  • Meet their needs – design your marketing around their challenges and needs.
  • Provide quality – meet their service and content expectations.
  • Measure what matters – track the buyer journey funnel to assess what's working

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