Latest Budget update | edited: 5 September 2023

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, announced that he will present the Autumn Statement 2023 to Parliament on 22 November. 

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Autumn Statement

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Help clients understand exactly what impact fiscal plans will have on them in a language they can understand.

The Autumn Statement, written by our in-house content team and fact checked by practising accountants is included in our Financial Statement bundle.

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The PracticeWeb Autumn Statement

Our Budget and Autumn Statement reports have been helping accountants get a comprehensive report to their clients’ inboxes for 20 years.

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Explain key points clearly

Your clients need to understand how fiscal statements affect them. Our reports explain things simply, giving them the key facts.

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Get ahead of your clients’ questions by making sure they’ve got information on the basics. You can then focus on helping with the specifics.

Demonstrate expertise

Offering insight and analysis on the most important fiscal announcements shows clients that keeping them in the loop matters to you.

Written with your audience in mind

Your audience has a very different experience of the Autumn Statement than you. It’s important to make sure your document speaks to them.

Written for the average person

We write our report in a way the average person can understand – giving them the information they need to decide whether they need to call you for more help.

Handy reference for your firm

A single point of truth internally can bring clarity to your business and support for junior & senior members of staff.


We try to make sure that we explain everything in a natural way using tables, comparisons and summaries.

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What’s included

Get a year of white label content in our Financial Statement bundle

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Example Spring Budget/Autumn Statement reports

Example Tax Card

Example Year-end Tax Guide


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