Marketing for accounting firms: start with strategy

It’s about getting the important things right, from defining your business and marketing goals to expressing your firm's authentic personality.

Are you an accountant who wants to attract new clients, build closer relationships with existing ones, or perhaps target an entirely new industry sector? We’ll combine our marketing knowledge, insight and experience to create an effective marketing strategy just for you, and always with your target prospects in mind.

Your brand should help you stand out, be recognised and connect with the most desirable clients. It should build trust and lead to long-term relationships. And a good brand will inspire and engage employees, too, allowing you to attract and retain talent.

But if your brand isn’t a natural extension of your company’s vision and values, it’s less likely to succeed. So, rather than give you a brand off the shelf, our approach is all about helping you express your accountancy firm’s purpose and unique character.

Deeply understanding your clients’ needs and challenges – and how your brand connects with them – will ensure they identify strongly with your business, which will supercharge your conversion rates.

Expert accountancy marketing strategy workshops

This isn’t just a rebrand or a new website – it’s about deciding what services you provide, to which sectors, and identifying opportunities to reach more clients.

Our workshops draw out of marketers and partners your accountancy firm’s goals, brand identity and personality. We use those to establish who your ideal clients are and understand how they interact with you. This creates a documented, strategic plan setting out practical steps to meet your goals and grow your business.

Workshops are facilitated by experienced marketing professionals using a process tried and tested with ambitious accounting firms, customised to meet your practice’s particular needs.

They’re designed to bring out the creative side of participants while focusing firmly on delivering concrete results.

Questions you’ll address


Who are you trying to motivate?


How to differentiate yourself?


What are you trying to accomplish?


What is your buyer journey?

What you’ll get from a marketing strategy workshop


Marketing personas
Identify your ideal clients and how you can connect with them.


Business and marketing goals
Practical goals to direct marketing activity and ensure ROI.


A mission statement
Your practice’s reason for being captured in a few words.


The buyer journey map
Detailing steps your target clients take in the buying process.


Brand personality
What about your firm’s identity makes it distinctive?


An actionable marketing plan
What needs to be done, when, by whom, to get results.

Hear what some of our happy clients are saying:

“The marketing strategy workshop was definitely beneficial for our business. It helped my focus, my thinking and strategy.

 Through defining our point of difference we have a value-driven proposition for Evans & Partners that resonates with our clients.”

Olly Evans | Evans & Partners

“Working with PracticeWeb has been a hoot. Nothing less than really good fun..If one gives over completely to the process…and it really is a process, then it can get really quite creative. Once immersed, I have to say it’s been very enjoyable. They have a multi layered team and many, many heads get involved. I recommend them highly.”

Robert Stell

Content marketing strategy

Unique, targeted content is the key to connecting with your ideal clients, and building long-term relationships with them. It’s the secret to ranking in search engine results and the best way for your accountancy firm to prove its sector and service expertise.

Our content workshops are facilitated by professional writers and editors with years of experience coming up with ideas and putting together content plans.

The workshop is built around a series of strategies and exercises designed to elicit thoughts from your team. With our support, you’ll build upon and refine those concepts so that your team can feel real ownership over the resulting content strategy.

And because everything is focused on achieving marketing and business goals, you’ll come away with a practical, achievable plan that means you’ll never need to say “What shall we blog about?” again.

The fuel behind successful campaigns


Content strategy statement
An inspiring, anchoring summary of what content will achieve


Concrete content objectives
This isn’t about content for content’s sake – what should it do for you?


12-month content calendar
Specific items of content mapped over the year, with detailed notes.


Practical writing guides
How to reflect your firm’s identity and tone of voice.


SEO advice
How content can support your search engine strategy.


Skills and techniques
Know-how and confidence to generate your own content ideas.

How can we help you?


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