Marketing webinars for accountants

PracticeWeb broadcasts a new webinar every month, hosted by one of our in-house experts, covering the most important topics for accountants and accountancy firm marketing teams.

They’re full of practical advice you can act on immediately to start building your brand, working smarter or, most importantly, generating leads.

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The Business of Marketing series

AccountingWeb Live on-demand series

Every month, PracticeWeb goes behind-the-scenes on marketing, using a blend of SME insight and data informed marketing. Providing firms with practical advice and best practice.

Automate your marketing to drive your practice forward

A special three-part webinar series with Senta

This series is designed to educate practices about the power of marketing & automating marketing workflows.

How to use content and SEO to attract the right type of clients


In this three-part series PracticeWeb looks at how to identify your perfect clients and how to engage them using content and SEO.

In the last episode he then explores how you should measure and track performance.

27 lead generation and sales mistakes

Join PracticeWeb’s talking lead generation mistakes. If done correctly lead generation can be a powerful tool for your company.

In this webinar we are going to be sharing lead generation tactics, while telling you about the mistakes that we have been made on the way, so you don’t have to.

Accounting websites: design inspiration

PracticeWeb take you through the different requirements that our clients come to us with for their websites, including examples.

Cybercrime: it happens to other people, it won’t be me, surely?

PracticeWeb and DocSAFE owner Mike Couzens, in this webinar discuss what cybercrime and fraud trends there are, who is susceptible, common forms of this crime and how to protect your firm and your clients.

Approach your SEO in the most effective way

PracticeWeb’s SEO practitioner, discusses what SEO is, and takes a look at five of the biggest SEO myths. Watch this webinar to help you cut through the fog and misinformation, ensuring that you are approaching your company SEO in the most effective way.

Grow your firm with a marketing plan

PracticeWeb explains how you can grow your accountancy firm, with the right clients, using a five-point marketing plan.

You’ll learn about buyer personas, SMART marketing goals and how to build an emotional connection with your ideal customers.

Winning valuable clients

Heather Townsend, founder of the Accountants Millionaires’ Club, speaker and author, and PracticeWeb’s sales and marketing director, talk to David Munro from Munro & Partners about tactics for winning £3,000+ clients.

Don’t make do with the clients that come your way – get the clients your accounting firm wants.

Making content work harder

Content isn’t a nice-to-have – it’s a vital tool in reaching out to new customers, keeping existing clients engaged, and getting across why they should choose you over a competitor.

In this webinar, PracticeWeb shares practical tricks and tips for squeezing maximum value out of the content you’ve already produced, and getting people to engage with it.

Buyer personas – what next?

This webinar offers practical steps for demonstrating how you are the stand out choice over the competition.

Alex and Stu lift the lid on how to build a marketing strategy that works, taking you through the process of building a picture of your ideal clients, what they’re thinking, and where they are in the process of finding a new accountant.

Lead generation 101 for accountants

Is growing your business at the top of your wish list for 2019? This webinar sets out some smart lead generation tactics for accountancy firms whose leaders are short on time but big on ambition.

We take you through three digital channels you can use to target potential customers and re-engage current leads that need converting. It’s time to start building your funnel.

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