Making the most of your branded publications

How do you use the branded publications at the moment?

We really want you to get more than your money’s worth out of these documents and those you receive each month are just so versatile!

A quick view of what you can do to make branded publications meet your needs:

  • upload the PDF to your website
  • create a blog post
  • use snippets on social media
  • use a mailshot to send it out
  • print it off
  • use for lead generation
  • compile into quarterly newsletters
  • repurpose into your own set of online guides.

So let’s take a look…

When you receive the branded PDFs each month we really encourage you to upload them to your website. We advise you to then share them on social media with a snippet or headline from within the document to give some context to your link.

Shortened URLs are really great for social media sharing, especially on Twitter with its limit of 140 characters. I can suggest these handy sites for shortening long links:

Tweet example (21 words, 129 characters): Self-employed people would prefer to receive sick pay than any other statutory benefit, a study has found.

You can also use the same principle to reach your existing clients or any prospect lists you have using a mailshot that directs the reader to your branded PDF.

This should literally take a few minutes of your time. If that reader likes what they’re reading they’re going to venture further through your website and potentially get in touch with an query and hey-ho, you have some potential new business!

If you feel this isn’t enough, have a bit of spare time on your hands or feel you like the facts, figures and guidelines we give but want to apply your own tone of voice to it, we would really suggest using the plain word version provided with each document and tweak this to make it your own bespoke blog post. You have all the facts and figures in tables you need to make it your own before posting it on your blog and sharing on social media.

I would point out that for this to have on-site benefits (if that’s what you’re looking for) then the blog will need to sit or at least be well linked to your website. Stand alone blogs can be confusing for your readers, especially when it comes to building brand awareness.

Finally, you can alway use your branded publications in hard copy format. The PDFs are ready to go to a professional printers or be printed in the office to use as reference points in meetings or to sit in any reception space you may have.

If you feel your clients are more ‘old skool’ and prefer to read from actual paper you may even want to post these out keeping your clients informed without them searching the web.

Our branded publishing services

Each month our publication clients receive 3 fully-branded documents in PDF and Word documents formats: 1 newsletter and 2 guides/factsheets.

They also receive all of the annual documents in the same formats, these include:

  • the Budget report
  • the tax cards
  • year-end tax guide
  • the Autumn statement

If you want to look at these in more detail, you can see our branded publishing section of our site or simply get in touch.


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