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Staying at the cutting edge

Almar BSL is an accounting practice which offers its expertise to businesses in North London and South East England.

Led by their founder Ali Dezyanian, they have been providing financial solutions to their customers since the practice began in 2001. The firm is always on the front foot, giving proactive advice, solutions and answers to their client’s biggest questions.

Already an existing PracticeWeb client, Ali came to us in 2023, wanting to modernise and improve his website.

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Results overview


Fast, modern, effective design


Distinctive new logo and brand

“The old site was lacking professionalism; it wasn’t modern. We needed something that would take us to the next level.”

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Ali Dezyanian, Founder

Almar BSL

The challenge

Refreshing the brand

When Ali approached PracticeWeb, he had a few concerns; the website’s design, content, navigation, and logos were noticeably outdated. The site’s layout lacked coherence, resulting in visitors spending minimal time on the pages, as evidenced by analytics data.

Additionally, the website suffered from ineffective SEO. The 2023 project, while termed an ‘upgrade,’ was in reality a comprehensive overhaul and enhancement initiative.

“The new logo design is fabulous and has had a lot of positive feedback. Clients love the blogs and eBooks.”

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Ali Dezyanian, Founder

Almar BSL

The Solution

A modern accounting website

This revamp aimed to modernise the website, align it more closely with Ali’s firm’s profile, and introduce concise, impactful content. Key improvements included the addition of eBooks, blogs, client testimonials, and a significant enhancement of the SEO strategies.

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The results

A rejuvenated image

The recent changes have rejuvenated the practice’s image, shedding the old perception of it being a conventional, reactive, and transaction-focused accountant. The new logo design has garnered a lot of positive feedback, and clients are enjoying the blogs and eBooks.

The recent enhancements, particularly the rebranding elements were much needed. “The new, intelligently designed logo aligns perfectly with my style and profile. Additionally, the improved searchability across numerous relevant topics has made the website much more accessible,” said Ali.

For Almar BSL, the website is now a huge marketing tool which conveys a sense of professionalism and approachability to the practice. A new testimonials section is also proving very helpful for new businesses looking for an accountant.

Ali notes that working with the PracticeWeb team on the project was a remarkably smooth experience.

“Their friendly, down-to-earth approach made communication and discussion of various options effortless. Yen and Mike were especially delightful to collaborate with. Furthermore, Sammy, who is an exceptional account manager, played a crucial role in my decision to revamp the website and introduce new content and features. A heartfelt thanks to everyone involved!”

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