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Adding and Removing Pages

In this video, we’ll show you how to add new pages and remove existing pages from your website. We also cover how to add new pages to your existing menu structure.

Using the Media Library

In this video, we will guide you through the Media Library, which is where all the photos, videos, and PDFs used on our website are stored. You will learn all about managing our website’s media assets!

Deleting Publications on WordPress

You may find you want to remove publications from your website if they are out of date or no longer relevant. In this video we’ll show you how to remove publications from your site.

Adding to your WordPress Menu

In this video, we go through the process of adding any page to the menu listing of your website. This is useful if you want to add any page you published and want your clients/visitors to click on them!

Editing Staff Profiles on WordPress

​In this video, we will discuss how to edit any existing Staff Profile that has been published on your website already.

Editing Pages on WordPress

Here, we’ll show you how to edit an existing page on your website.

Adding Publications on WordPress

This guide will show you how to upload new publications to your website. We will discuss the process but also go through some of the options you can find.

Using the Visual Builder

The Visual Builder is a key piece of functionality that you will use when it comes to designing new pages or editing existing ones.

Blogs and Categories

In this video, we’ll show you how to create new blog posts and categories, as well as how to group posts into categories.

Adding New Staff Profiles on WordPress

In this video, I’ll guide you through using the Staff Profiles module on your website. I’ll show you how to add new staff information, including names, titles, profile images, email addresses, phone numbers, and biographies.

Logging In to Your WordPress Site

If you wish to make any changes or edits to your website, to do so you will need to login. The process is straightforward and this video will show you how to login.

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