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Bevan Buckland

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Empowering the world of accountancy

Bevan Buckland had been a longstanding client for PracticeWeb, with its old site built on our legacy platform. Back in 2019, we reached out to the team to see if they wanted to be one of the first websites we moved over to our new platform. 

Like anything in business, it can be hard to let go of something that had, for the most part, been working fine – we assured them the new site would vastly outperform the old one in every aspect. What was needed was a fresh design, straightforward user journey, and lead-gen-based outlook to take Bevan Buckland to the next level.

Results overview


An average of 40 leads a month.


Streamlined and effective user journey.


Constant access to the site data through Google Analytics.

“We’ve got a phenomenal relationship with PracticeWeb – you’ve got some real talent in your ranks now. I think the team you’re building is growing and getting better.”

Marketing Manager

Bevan Buckland

The challenge

Making things work

To win over the shareholders at Bevan Buckland HQ, the website plan had to be completely watertight. For starters, that means providing a set of marketing tools that can be constantly monitored and updated to suit. Built-in tandem with a fast and streamlined new site, a strategy and SEO plan to continue the improvement and encourage focus in key areas, the lead-generation plan, to get the firm back to where it needed to be was in full swing.

The firm supports a wide range of sectors, so it was important that while certain areas would get a much-needed focus, the site should cater to a wide range of needs. This meant positioning the build with a variety of dedicated service and sector pages that could be highlighted through seasonal blog content.

And of course, Bevan Buckland wanted to rank well in local SEO, as it’s competing against a plethora of other firms in the Swansea area.

“We wanted to be in the local search rankings – ideally on the first page and if possible, in the top three.“

The Solution

A streamlined and effective site

After weeks of discussions, we began working with the Bevan Buckland team to start the process of creating this new site. Through a guided marketing and brand call, we put some solid time into understanding the nature of the business – what had changed? What was the focus? What would need to stay the same? 

Our content and design teams both have their own processes to help understand our clients and differentiate their specific needs – through a blend of tailored questioning, gut tests, and mind-mapping, we built out a clear picture of what Bevan Buckland’s new site would look and sound like. 

Balance’ ‘, fairness’ ‘, integrity’ and ‘respect’ were some words that rang through strong.

And the design? Clear, simple and effective. The user journey was vital to the team at Bevan Buckland, so everything should have an evident reason for existing on the site.

Working closely with our SEO team would also be vital for the firm’s future success. A dedicated campaign would allow for a greater reach in all search engines, better visibility for the many services the firm offered, and a clear pathway to the blog content.

Lots of work was done at the beginning of the process to ensure that the localised pages ranked properly (i/e accountants in Swansea). Using Google My Business, our team ensured all of these pages were connected to the right parts of the platform and backlinked the content and metadata.

Similarly, the service and sector pages were re-edited and aligned with the ongoing goals of the firm, throughout the process, and well into the years to follow. These pages needed tangible visibility – a wide service offering deserves recognition and a clear pathway to grow and be built upon.

Desktop demo

The results

Supporting accountants

Bevan Buckland’s new site stands tall against its competitors, wielding a powerful arsenal of tailored service and sector pages, all structurally optimised for SEO, and housed in an effectively conceived ecosystem.

“We’ve developed a good strategy through SEO and other digital activities. We’ve actually got a really good digital presence now.”

The website is no longer just a shop front – it now acts as a clear pathway for Bevan Buckland’s potential clients. The team can clearly tailor any campaign to suit whoever they want, with Google Data Studio now being a daily part of their own business workflow.

Clients like Bevan Buckland are unusual. Normally larger firms see a website merely as a shiny front door, with word of mouth being the preferred sales funnel. But they aren’t like other firms. They’re willing to learn and understand the importance of a proper marketing strategy and are now reaping the benefits of it.

Outstanding performance metrics

“We’re now getting around 40 leads a week just coming from organic now. It’s now an actual sales funnel, and a lead generation tool.”

40 organic leads a week is a lot! This is a completely different beast from the old site, with traffic, user sessions and other key metrics all now vastly improved.

“The customer journey is now a lot easier. And that’s obviously evident from the number of leads that it generates. People are actually taking interest in our website.”

Mobile demo

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