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“We’re not just another outsourcing firm – we’re unique and our clients believe that we’re unique.”


Empowering the world of accountancy

Diamond Accountants had worked with us before – the success of their original site got business partners Bal and Sam thinking about their dreams of a separate outsourcing business.

Existing solely on a “little website from QuickBooks”, Diamond Outsourcing was little more than a pipe dream. But the duo knew they wanted to expand their offering by developing an outsourced sister company for accountants to use – to make their lives easier and increase their income.

With bags of humour and quick-witted responses along the way, working with Bal and Sam again was the sequel we never knew we needed. The PracticeWeb team was overjoyed to rise to the challenge, helping to design and craft their new brand into a project that fulfilled a solid niche in the market.

Diamond outsourcing

Results overview


Users have gone up by 14% and most importantly website conversions are up 31%


A concise and clever site that links back to its sister firm


A strong understanding of the right kind of clients

“PracticeWeb helped us to understand the difference in audience. It’s a different business model, so the way we approach it is different.”

Diamond outsourcing

Bal Gora & Sam Patel

Diamond Outsourcing

The challenge

Making things work

Bal and the team were presented with a fundamental challenge – “We didn’t really have any direction. We knew we wanted to do it and we knew that it was a business, but we didn’t actually know how to implement it.”

So how would we get this site out of the ether and onto the web?

Finding direction in a project is where our creative minds start to whir. Through a dedicated brand strategy, brainstorming and analysis of the kinds of clients (buyer journey) that Diamond Outsourcing could be looking for, the thought process became instantly clearer. We helped Bal and Sam realise who it was that they’d be targeting, what made these accountants tick, and where their perceived need for outsourcing would come from.

Of course, this is all on paper. Bal and Sam knew that accountants around them wanted this service, but weren’t in the position yet to offer it to them.

“PracticeWeb were very receptive in understanding the distinction between our different businesses. They perfectly captured the essence of what we are, and it brilliantly resonates with our outsourcing clients.”

The Solution

A streamlined and effective site

After the brand strategy, we focused on the content of the site, assessing what would encourage the right kind of response from their target clients. Through a dedicated content and tone of voice workshop, a refresh of the ideals from the original site, and a mixture of gut tests and design options, we assessed the right styling for the new build.

Bal and his team were very engaged in this process – they wanted to reach certain areas through targeted SEO – music to our ears.

We ascertained which pages we wanted to rank, and decided to focus the homepage on the keywords “accountants Eastbourne” whilst tailoring the dedicated location page for Sittingbourne for “accountants Sittingbourne” appropriately.

The sector pages were developed in a similar fashion and were expanded to fit a more expansive brief. They were refined to hit both top-level and long-tail keywords, as well as surface in local (eg “accountants for builders in kent”) searches.

Diamond outsourcing

SEO-led performance metrics

“They really got into the nuts and bolts of SEO and how we can improve things. We got a real sense from them that we were dealing with experts in the subject matter.”

Bal and Sam couldn’t speak more highly of what it’s been like to work with our SEO team. The results have really proved that the insight is working – but enjoying the process is equally as important, and that’s clear here.

Like any PracticeWeb site, it’s never the finished article. There is always room to expand and grow. The results have been getting better over the last year, with increases in many key areas that are vital to the success of Diamond Outsourcing.

“There’s no denying that having regular optimisation has resulted in more inquiries for the business.”

Comparing Jan/Feb
2021 to 2022:


Sessions have gone up by 10%


Users have gone up by 14%


Page views are up 12%


Conversions are up 31%

The results

Supporting accountants

The finished result gives Bal and Sam an instantly gratifying result – tying in nicely with their existing brand, with a clear user journey and experience. The site fulfils its purpose of meeting a specific market niche.

“Our clients love the website. Just generally, they like the way we are and understand that through looking at the site.”

The copy of the site is clear and effective, highlighting the services on offer with a directness that is perfect for the mind of a busy accountant.

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