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Doing things differently

JCS came to PracticeWeb in dire need of a proper website revamp. The old site was a ‘newswire’ style build, with little personality and barely any outreach. It desperately needed some tender loving care and to inject some new life into the structure and overall feel of the site.

Fast forward to now, Director Paul Newton is revelling in the month-on-month increase in traffic that the new site is getting, with a regular flow of the right kind of leads keeping JCS ticking over really well.

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Results overview


An unprecedented month-on-month increase in traffic.


Increase of 200% of traffic coming to the site.


45% increase in leads produced by the site.


1 lead has paid for Paul’s SEO service for a year.

“It was great to take a day to focus on who we are, and what kind of firm we want to be.”


Paul Newton, Director


The challenge

Getting the right kind of business

JCS knew that it wanted to focus on the right kind of clients, namely those in the not-for-profit sector, but the existing site just wasn’t bringing them in. It’s important for charities to align themselves with a firm or brand that is warm and open, highlighting efficiencies and best practices in a format that’s as accessible as possible.

Accounting for the not-for-profit sector might be considered unglamorous by some, but Paul and his team really understand the value that they can bring to organisations supporting people up and down the country. In a noble way, they know that the work they do helps real people – and they needed a website to reflect that.

“Working with PracticeWeb has been great – a good process for us. We discussed our strengths and focused on the right direction for the new build, with regular follow up calls on the various aspects of the content and design of the site.”


Paul Newton, Director


The Solution

Sleek and effective design

Back in 2019, we sat down with Paul and his team in person in our Bristol office and explored their brand and overarching goals. It’s always an integral part of our process and allows business owners to understand what they might need to do in order to see the changes they desire.

Through a series of open-ended questions, exercises and thought management techniques we helped JCS to identify the voice they wanted for their site’s content. After creating documents with our findings, we compiled these workshop outputs into something that our writers could use to write the copy for the site, and our designers to create the actual pages.

SEO came next – We started with a full review of the data to assess the pages that had the highest opportunity and found these to be the home page and the sector pages.

After optimising the home page, we spent several months revising the metadata on the sector pages to help surface them in search results before moving into a more detailed review of some of the on-page content.

With the support from our editorial team, we built out the content on some of the targeted sector pages (the charities and doctors pages in particular) and introduced some more sector pages to help broaden the keyword universe that surrounds the site.

Finally, we honed in on the EAT of the content we produced, with highly targeted, SEO-led blogs to ensure that the content not only contained the correct keywords but was also high quality, met user needs, and was geared for conversion.

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The results

A fresh approach

Paul now finds himself reading a new sheet of numbers every month that tells a predictable but positive story. The new site is getting more traffic every 4 weeks, with a higher quality of lead now front and centre of any new business inquiry.

“Throughout the process, we loved having constant updates and progress reports to keep us aware of what was going on.”

The new site is colourful, bright, and clear with a strong message of accessible accounting for those working in a vital business sector.

Incredible performance metrics

“Client’s tell us: you’re the accountants that we’re interested in.”

The end results speak for themselves. In the last monthly report, JCS had a year-on-year increase of 200% of traffic coming to the site and a 45% increase in leads produced by the site.

One of the leads that came through via his website has also paid for Paul’s SEO service for the year!

These numbers are what keep everyone at JCS so happy they chose to work with PracticeWeb. When a site gets the traffic it deserves, it really makes us feel great, too, and really validates our processes and procedures.

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